Paulo and Pipa

Its been a whirlwind couple of weeks and blogging has been put on the back burner.  Catching the world up from where we have been can be tough when you are trying to soak in as much of the “present” as you possibly can.

In my Santa Cruz post I shared a bit about our site nestled in the Red Woods.  Now I wanted to share what we actually did.  Our Portuguese friends from Spain came and joined us for a long weekend in the coach.  It was our first time actually hosting people with us and it actually worked out better then we expected.   As Bekki said once- “I can’t believe we are sitting on a bus!”  Four adults and a crazy toddler (plus the two dogs) shared the coach for the weekend.  Paulo and Pipa stayed in the bedroom while we shared the pull out inflatable couch in the living room.  Again we are so happy with the layout of the coach.  Having a separate living and dining room works out so well.   We had some cold nights, so we were able to come into the coach after enjoying the campfire.

Bekki and I had taken a trip several years back to Monterrey California.  We loved the Monterrey Bay Aquarium.  Taking Corbin to see the huge tanks of colorful fish was high on our list.  Paulo and Pipa had never been to the aquarium so we took a short drive from Santa Cruz.  The Aquarium is one of those experiences that takes the whole day since there is so much to look at.  The museum has so many exhibits and they are broken up nicely by play areas.  Corbin had so many chances to wiggle and play.  Seeing the deep see tank with the giant tuna and turtles is awe inspiring.  We also were lucky with perfect weather- much warmer then the last time Bekki and I were in Monterrey.  We had lunch at a small local favorite seafood place called Sea Harvest.  Its more of a seafood market but we had a great lunch.  I would recommend Monterrey to anyone with kids.  The Aquarium is the best aquarium facility I have ever been to.  The staff is wonderful as well.  Paulo and I got a lesson on jelly fish reproduction.  Corbin fell in love with a squishy sea star.  DSC03990


DSC_0181  DSC_0119


17 Mile Drive

We took the scenic drive after the Aquarium.  The drive was nice but Bekki used her zillow app on her iPhone to shout out the home-prices as we passed by.  We went from $6-8m to $26m in a couple miles.  It was fun fantasizing with Paulo and Pipa.  We were all considering how we would spend our first millions.

DSC04039 DSC04036DSC04037


The following day we hiked around the state park next to our site.  Paulo was a superstar and carried Corbin’s stroller up several steep hills.  Corbin slept the whole time.  We got to this wonderful overlook of the park and we could see the ocean and the bay.  It was a very long hike that we estimated based on Paulo’s “watch from the future” to be 7 miles.  We spoiled our selves with Indian food in Santa Cruz.

IMG_1404 IMG_1410 IMG_1414 IMG_1417 IMG_1421 IMG_1423 IMG_1432 IMG_1446

Paulo and Bekki had to get back to work so Corbin and I spent some time in Santa Cruz walking along the sea cliffs.  We had lots of fun watching the surfers catching waves.   We also took some time to go into San Francisco.  Pipa and I took Corbin to the Exploratorium.  We had so much fun playing with the exhibits.  Both Pipa and I learned a thing or two.  We ran out of happy baby points and saw about half the facility in three hours.  We had lunch near Haight Ashbury and went back to the RV after my eyes exploded.

I wanted to make note of the best sushi place ever in Santa Cruz.  I haven’t had such good service and attention (and free saki) in many other places.  The food was good but the servers attention was fantastic.  The place is I love Sushi – and I love this place.

We had so much fun this week and it was so special to be able to spend so much time with our friends Paulo and Pipa.  We hope to see them again in the US or Europe soon.  We left Santa Cruz and headed to Steam Boat Springs Colorado.  It was a long two day drive through Nevada, Utah, and Colorado.



2 thoughts on “Paulo and Pipa

  1. You guys got some spectacular pictures, especially the 17 mile drive. Thanks for letting me in on them, I’m glad you enjoyed yourselves. I haven’t had sushi in a long time, but I’m glad you enjoyed yours, Camilo and Pipa. I can’t wait to see you in your new house. Love, Mom.

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