Keeping the Toddler Toddling

DSC03674_1 We have been spending the past week in San Diego at a park in Mission Bay.  Being a month into our full-time adventure the number one question I have been getting is how is Corbin adapting?  Its hard to ask him since he probably would respond with a story of a truck or a train but so far he has adapted as well as we have.  We have made some concessions traveling full-time with a toddler but really his life isn’t that different.  Keeping him feed, happy, and safe is still the most important thing we do as parents.

When we started this adventure I was worried about if Corbin would get enough socialization.  In Panama he went to preschool during the week for half the day.  The afternoons he spent in our neighborhood that was full of small children.   RV Parks and campgrounds seem to lean more toward the mix of retired people.  What we have experienced so far is that many parks have kids running around and playgrounds nearby.  Corbin is still young so making friends is sharing a pail of sand or kicking a ball, but so far it has been great.  

In Tucson I would take hime to a large park to play in he morning.  We would spend the morning running around the equipment.  I also started looking online as to things to do with Corbin so we have been going to Children’s Museums.  Our budget certainly doesn’t allow us to pay to play everyday but its been easier to find interesting things to do together.  In Catalina State Park we would go hiking and poke things during the day.  Here in San Diego we have riding bikes to a very busy park in the bay.  By nap time most days, we are both tired and ready for a little rest.


Meeting kids in a more formal setting

One of our favorite things that we have discovered is how many local libraries have toddler time.  These have been fun and free activities that we are seeking out more and more.  Listening to stories and singing songs with a group of kids and parents has been good for both of us.  Corbin loves the activities and meeting new friends, while I’m enjoying comparing parenting notes with other parents.  In San Diego toddler story time is combined with Toddler Yoga.  Corbin loves doing the yoga poses and stretches.  And I have learned how flexible I am during yoga time.  He is definitely more limber then I am.  We also usually get some extra time to read books or play at the library, and I haven’t found one that doesn’t have some other kids also looking to keep busy and have fun.


Its these little discoveries that we have been making about the places we visit or the time that we are spending has already made this experience incredible.  Technology is making this trip so much more painless then I have ever expected.  Google has been helping me find not only places we need to go like the grocery store, but also places we can’t miss.  




2 thoughts on “Keeping the Toddler Toddling

  1. I am loving following your adventure via the blog! It was soooooo great having you here; can’t wait for the next visit this summer!

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